7 Valentine’s Day Ideas if you’re Single

Valentines Day Post

Don’t worry single ladies… I have got you covered! I have come up with a few ideas you can easily do if you still want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but don’t have a date.

  1. Who says you can’t buy yourself flowers and chocolate? You can… and you will!
  2. Throw a singles party! Enjoy the company of your friends… No sulking allowed!
  3. Grab takeout and watch girl power movies with your best girl friends. A few of my recommendations would be: Clueless(1995), Legally Blonde(2001), Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants(2005), John Tucker Must Die(2006), and Sex and the City(2008).
  4. Treat yourself to a spa day. If you are in Arizona… The Montelucia is my absolute favorite!
  5. Call your parents! First off, wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day and secondly, they will remind you how loved and special you are!
  6. Go to a group workout class! Group workouts are awesome because you are constantly motivated and are surrounded by people who are trying to reach the same results as you.
  7. Buy yourself that gift you’ve been wanting… Self love is important!

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3 thoughts on “7 Valentine’s Day Ideas if you’re Single

  1. I love this Sydney!! You are absolutely right!! I had a steady boyfriend all through high school, and as soon as we started college, he broke up with me! That first Valentine’s Day of 1979 was really hard, but I did exactly what #1 is suggesting! I bought myself a gold ring from Saks Fifth Avenue in Hackensack. It was a channel ring with tiny diamonds and a ruby in the center. My mother worked there at the time, so she got a discount. I remember it cost me $400, and I still have it! I felt so independent and empowered!! 🙂

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