Arizona Winter

Sweater: Urban Outfitters / Tights: H&M / Shoes: Top Shop / Necklace: Simply LoLo  

Winter Break from school could not have come at a better time. I was lucky enough to leave the Windy City and head back home to Arizona. The night I left it was a chilly 8° and as soon as I stepped off the plane in my hometown it was 65° and beautiful. I love winter and winter clothes, but being the fashion obsessed girl that I am, wearing a coat that will yes, keep you warm, does not always make for the best outfit.

In the cold Chicago weather I typically go for dark and dreary colors, but being in a bit of a warmer climate, I decided to go for a mustard colored sweater dress. I paired the sweater with a simple pair of black tights. I added my favorite pair of shoes at the moment, black suede booties from Top Shop with a beautiful embroidered floral pattern. To complete the look I went with a simple black necklace with embellishments on the end that perfectly match the zipper on the shoe. What have you been wearing this winter? Let me know on Instagram and Twitter, by tagging me @sydneymallace or by using the hashtag #sydneymallace.

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