What to Wear — Thanksgiving Edition Featuring: Free People

What to Wear -- Thanksgiving Edition

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Any procrastinators or indecisive people out there? This post is for you! If you are like me, then you have already chosen about 5 different outfits to wear for Thanksgiving Dinner. Out of those 5, you probably won’t end up wearing any of them, and instead opt for something that you pick out five minutes before people arrive at your door. I have included some do’s and don’ts when it comes to picking out that perfect Thanksgiving outfit. I would love to see your Thanksgiving fashion looks. Tag me @sydneymallace or use the hashtag #sydneymallace. Enjoy.

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Autumn Wishlist

Autumn Wishlist Featuring Zara

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Autumn has finally arrived, and my excitement is at an all-time high! Due to growing up in sunny Arizona, I have never truly experienced Fall weather, let alone been able to comfortably wear basic Fall attire. (If I tried, I would have to come home and immediately jump into a cold shower to cool off!) Lately, Zara has been one of my go-to stores, because the options of clothing, trends, and styles are endless. I have put together what items I would enjoy wearing this fall, including some items that would ultimately have to be layered as it gets colder and Winter starts creeping up. I must admit… I don’t know what’s in store for this season, but I hope this Autumn is filled with nothing but the best!

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