Spring is on its Way!

Overall Dress: Asos / Top: Asos / Shoes: Timberland / Dogs: Izzy & Leo

As I am writing this post at 2:45 p.m. on a Saturday in February located in Chicago, Illinois it is 70°F. That is unheard of for the Windy City. In honor of the lovely weather I decided to share some pictures that I took in Arizona, but would be perfect for a lovely spring day. I have been obsessing over “overall dresses” recently, but always felt that I could not pull one off. Luckily, I found this brown corduroy one online, and was ecstatic when I finally received it and it fit! I decided to compliment the brown dress by pairing it with a light pink top that has specks of gold in it and a pair of Timberland boots with rose gold accents. Although the hardware on the dress has a silver tarnish look to it, I found that the gold specks from the top and rose gold hardware on the shoes truly brought the outfit together. Of course, I had to include a picture with my dogs, and might I add, Izzy’s golden fur matches my outfit quite nicely. I would love to see what your spring outfits include, tag me on Instagram or Twitter at @sydneymallace or use the hashtag #sydneymallace.

* I apologize for Leo’s actions in the last picture… It’s just a dog thing, right?

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(Gal)entine’s Day Party

You know that Valentine’s Day is near when you walk into your local target and the $3 goodie section is full of pink, red and white heart and love decor. So, why not use this to your advantage? Here is everything you need to throw a fabulous Galentine’s Day Party!

  • Festive Decor
  • Sweets & Drinks
  • Pizza
  • A DIY photo-op setup
  • Classic movies, or an upbeat music playlist playing in the background
  • Games


  • Your best girl friends! (or guys, all genders are welcome)

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Taste of Chicago: True Food Kitchen

Firstly, I would like to thank Sam Fox, from Fox Restaurant Concepts for bringing one of my favorite restaurants from home (Arizona) to Chicago! Not only is the food incredible, but now I am able to cure my homesickness by walking a quick 15 minutes to True Food Kitchen. If you are in the mood for a healthy, but delicious bite to eat then this is the place to go. The atmosphere is extremely comfortable with earth type vibes flowing throughout the entire restaurant. The bright colors, friendly staff and endless options of tasty food makes this a must go to place if you are ever in Chicago and want a guilt free meal. I would love to hear your thoughts about True Food Kitchen if you have been there, or want to try it! Comment below, or tag me on Instagram or Twitter @sydneymallace or use the hashtag #sydneymallace.

Learn more about True Food Kitchen here!

Arizona Winter

Sweater: Urban Outfitters / Tights: H&M / Shoes: Top Shop / Necklace: Simply LoLo  

Winter Break from school could not have come at a better time. I was lucky enough to leave the Windy City and head back home to Arizona. The night I left it was a chilly 8° and as soon as I stepped off the plane in my hometown it was 65° and beautiful. I love winter and winter clothes, but being the fashion obsessed girl that I am, wearing a coat that will yes, keep you warm, does not always make for the best outfit.

In the cold Chicago weather I typically go for dark and dreary colors, but being in a bit of a warmer climate, I decided to go for a mustard colored sweater dress. I paired the sweater with a simple pair of black tights. I added my favorite pair of shoes at the moment, black suede booties from Top Shop with a beautiful embroidered floral pattern. To complete the look I went with a simple black necklace with embellishments on the end that perfectly match the zipper on the shoe. What have you been wearing this winter? Let me know on Instagram and Twitter, by tagging me @sydneymallace or by using the hashtag #sydneymallace.

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Hello lovelies! I’m back! I know it’s been a while, and I owe an explanation. Recently I have been very unhappy with the way I look and feel… and unfortunately I let those feelings get the best of me. I had to remember why I started this blog in the first place. It was to bring joy in the form of fashion and beauty no matter your size, race, gender, look, etc… I apologize for the lack of content on the blog, and can promise you some new and exciting things! Here is to the process of life and the positive vibes that I hope to give!

Spring Wishlist Featuring Nordstrom

Spring Wishlist Featuring Nordstrom

It’s official, Spring is finally here! The flowers are in full bloom, which means that you can start to incorporate beautiful colors into your wardrobe. Nordstrom is always a favorite store of mine due to their endless options. This is both a blessing and a curse. I put together what Items I would enjoy wearing to start this lovely season. I have kept both the shoes and dresses some-what neutral, but this season is all about the accessories. Typical spring colors such as blush, light blues, and pastels always work for spring, but what about a statement piece? i.e. A bright red and yellow french fries bag? Its unexpected and fun. Adding a fun accessory can really make your outfit stand out! I’d love to see what is in your spring wishlist/wardrobe. Tag me @sydneymallace or use the hashtag #sydneymallace. May your spring fashion blossom!

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Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 9.25.54 PM

7 Valentine’s Day Ideas if you’re Single

Valentines Day Post

Don’t worry single ladies… I have got you covered! I have come up with a few ideas you can easily do if you still want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but don’t have a date.

  1. Who says you can’t buy yourself flowers and chocolate? You can… and you will!
  2. Throw a singles party! Enjoy the company of your friends… No sulking allowed!
  3. Grab takeout and watch girl power movies with your best girl friends. A few of my recommendations would be: Clueless(1995), Legally Blonde(2001), Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants(2005), John Tucker Must Die(2006), and Sex and the City(2008).
  4. Treat yourself to a spa day. If you are in Arizona… The Montelucia is my absolute favorite!
  5. Call your parents! First off, wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day and secondly, they will remind you how loved and special you are!
  6. Go to a group workout class! Group workouts are awesome because you are constantly motivated and are surrounded by people who are trying to reach the same results as you.
  7. Buy yourself that gift you’ve been wanting… Self love is important!

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Roaming Through the City of Bucktown


IMG_2269-2 IMG_2271-2 IMG_2339-2

IMG_2377-2 IMG_2356-2Dress: Free People / Vest: Ella Moss (Nordstrom Exclusive) / Shoes: River Island / Backpack: Forever21

This past weekend was beautiful, which is not so typical during a Chicago winter… So, I decided to take full advantage of this rare occasion and head to Bucktown.

I have heard so many great things about Bucktown, and all the great things I heard were true. It is a cute and trendy area, full of unique shops, restaurants, and scenery. I had the pleasure of going with a few of my friends, and we had the best time. We walked around looking at the sceneary, stopped in a few shops, and occasionally snapped some pictures!

Onto my favorite part of this post– my outfit! All the pieces incorporated into my outfit were simple… A black dress, black tights, a vest, and some chelsea boots. The vest is definitely what made the look special. It added a contrast against the black, tied the boots into the look, and also helped me stay warm!

If you happen to stop by Bucktown or live in the area, I would love to see what your day or night consist of! Tag me @sydneymallace or use the hashtag #sydneymallace

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Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 9.25.54 PM

Randolph Street Market

img_0492_22586513988_oimg_0407_23015441071_o img_0408_22990917402_o img_0413_22978439636_o img_0414_22586155738_o img_0419_23015668011_o img_0424_22991217072_o img_0435_22586509158_o img_0464_22978344036_oDress: Nordstrom / Shoes: Louise et Cie / Bag: Celine / Necklace: Melrose Trading Post

A while back, I had the chance to go the Randolph Street Market in Chicago. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend it. It was so lovely to see all the different vendors and items that were available to buy. There were vintage clothes and shoes, vinyls, books, jewelry, furniture, and so much more. Something about a flea market genuinely brings a smile to my face. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m surrounded by so many unique things for sale– which is good for me, but not for my wallet… Either way, strolling around the market with friends and family made for an incredible day.

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Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 9.25.54 PM

My 2016 New Year’s Outfit

IMG_1906 IMG_1933 IMG_1940

Coat: Urban Outfitters / Dress: Nasty Gal / Necklace: Urban Outfitters / Shoes: Christian Louboutin (buy my pair from these photos)

Happy 2016 Lovelies! I know I’m a little late to the game… But I still want to share with you what I wore to celebrate the New Year. It wouldn’t be a “Sydney” celebration if it didn’t include at least one of my dogs, some balloons, and a fabulous pair of shoes! I saw this coat in Urban Outfitters, and immediately new that NYE would be the perfect occasion to wear it. There is something so classic about pairing a printed coat with a simple dress. This is a look anyone can put together and pull off! To make it a bit more New Year’s Eve glam, I added a necklace from Urban Outfitters and a super sparkly pair of Louboutin’s that really made the outfit pop. See how my look fully came together in My 2016 New Year’s Makeup Look. I’d love to see your New Year’s Eve outfits! Tag me @sydneymallace or use the hashtag #sydneymallace if you try this outfit for yourself or to show off how you pulled your NYE looks together!

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